God's new wine is the Holy Spirit's love poured out for us.  This new wine demonstrates God's radical generosity as provoked by our daring in faith to ask for more of the Holy Spirit's love and gifts.  New wine can cause upset and vomiting.  It needs a new, expandable container so it can mature until it is poured out.  To be vessels that allow God's wine to flow freely, we need a gathering place for us to mature, practice, and be there for others. 

New Wineskin Outreach is a new wineskin where God's wine can mature and where we can share God's gifts with each other.  This is a new and flexible way to experience God's Kingdom here and now.  Each of us shares what the Holy Spirit has given us.  We are free to be different in the way we follow Jesus and express ourselves.

New Wineskin Outreach is an online gathering for those who have no church, those already meeting in a face-to-face church, or those who also meet in a face-to-face small group.   We can be with people from next door, or another country.  We don't gather for ourselves only but to reach out to others.

We are a community of believers participating in common resources, such as worship music, liturgy, common prayer, small groups, youth activities, bible reading and other spiritual reading, classes, testimonies, intercessory prayer, and sermons.  We can setup video or chat meetings in advance.  Or we can come here any time and respond to what others have expressed.  We are open 24/7.

We get to do a lot more activities ourselves.  We can preach our own sermon or put together a liturgy.  We can start our own small group and invite others to it.  We can teach our own class or lead and share various spiritual practices.  The NWO Winery is our meeting place we get to make the new wine.  We will also have other courses on this site focused on particular ministries.

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    New Wineskin WineryNew Wineskin Winery is a new way of gathering together as followers of Jesus.  We meet with groups we see locally or with people on the other side of the world.  This is a place to let go, let God be present, and to give & receive God's love.

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