New Wineskin Outreach is a place where God reaches out to us and we reach out to others. 

As we share what God has given us we are free to be ourselves and to enjoy our diversity.

    Available courses

    leaning on a treeIn this series we encounter God as we access our emotions.  We use the book, workbook, and video from the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality series by Peter Scazzero.  We meet for 11 weeks during Lent 2020.  Some activities are for the whole group, others are designated for members of smaller groups only.  Join online discussions at any time using forums or meet others at a particular time using video or chat.  We can also journal our responses to workbook questions.

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    NWO Partners with Moodle 3.8.1 and InMotionHosting VPS

    by Stephen Wise -

    New Wineskin Outreach depends on many hours of labor by a worldwide team of volunteers who are building Moodle as the world's foremost free, feature rich, and flexible learning environment.  We are indebted to Martin Dougiamas and the Moodle team as well as Inmotion Hosting for their first rate technical support and state of the art virtual private server hosting.  Technology has opened up the doors, let us depend on God as we bravely walk through them.